Stressed and In Despair 

For nearly 15 years I worked for companies I wasn’t passionate about. I put in countless hours, working late nearly every night. I told myself the work had to get done today or tomorrow it would just pile up some more. Promotions, money and praise were my motives in exchange for lost time with my husband and kids. Yes, I was helping support our family, but at what cost? Seeing them only a couple hours a day was slowly draining the life out of me. I was stressed and felt in despair. Things needed to change.

My husband and I decided that I would quit my job and take a year off to focus on our family. What happened during that time was amazing! Slowly we turned back into the family we used to be. The bickering stopped, the stress ceased, and the giggles and smiles returned.

Moving Mountains 

All of this happened because of Him. God knew the cracks that were forming in our family and made us whole again. But, His promises didn’t stop there. Over that next year, He moved mountains that I didn’t think were moveable. He showed me that my passion lied in helping others. I started volunteering for an organization that cared for the elderly; helping them with their marketing and communications. The experience was life changing.

On A Mission 

After my year off was up, I knew I wanted to continue to help organizations that were focused on helping others. After a few God-driven meetings, I made the decision to form Mission Marketing, LLC. A digital marketing services company that assists businesses in Central Minnesota who are focused on helping others. Whatever their mission, Mission Marketing, LLC would be there to help them tell their story and share it.

What’s your mission?